Temple of Bacchus

The town of Baalbek, Lebanon is home to one of the best preserved Roman temples. The Temple of Bacchus -a wine god- was build around 150AD and has a size of 66 by 35 m (217 by 115 ft), while being 31m (102ft) high. The 42 large columns are mostly intact, while the roof and much of the interior has suffered over the …

The 2000 year old flawless sword

In 1965, a group of archeologists found over 2000 very old artifacts in Jiangling County, China. Among them was a Bronze sword that looked to be almost new. Much unlike any other artifact. One archeologist touched the blade and drew blood!

The man who named China

Ying Chen (259BC-210BC) became King of Qin at an early age. It was a time, when the area of China was still several independent kingdoms. Ying Chen (also known as Qin Shi Huang) was the ruler who one by one warred against these states and eventually united them all into one Kingdom of Qin.

The Tarim Mummies

Located along the silk road, in the northwestern corner of the China, the Tarim Valley is the site of over 200 mummies discovered in the 1930’s. Upon their discovery, archaeologists were surprised to find mummies with the high cheekbones, long noses, and even red hair of the Europeans.