About us

History = Boooooring!? This micro magazine is focusing on the most interesting events, people and issues which have changed the World.

You might say “What the hell is a micro magazine?” Well, in our view a micro magazine is a collection of history memes, history pictures and links and very short articles (usually around 200-350 words, hence the name half-a-page).

We try to refrain from the word “blog” since it’s really more than that. Sometimes we try a bit of humor and conversational tone, but sometimes we are dead serious. In any case, we do our research. There are so many “facts” out there without the sources. We give you the sources and let you know that this actually happened.

Halfapage.com is optimized for mobile phones and short reading sessions.

DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible for the contents of external websites we link to.

Anyhow, enough with the blabla.