The Oracle of Delphi

It was around the 8th century B.C. that the Pythia at Delphi became famed for her esoteric, yet seemingly accurate, predictions. Much is known about the workings at Delphi as Plutarch, the historian and prolific writer, served there as a prophet.

The Pirate Queen

Sayyida al-Hurra became Queen of Tétouan (present day northern Morocco) when her husband, the king, died in 1515. After her husband’s death she agreed to marry the king of Morocco, Ahmed al-Wattasi, but insisted that he travel to her, signifying that their marriage would not change her intent to rule.

The First Known Author

Enheduanna is considered by historians to be the first author who is known by name. An Akkadian priestess and poet born around 2285 B.C., her hymns and prayers influenced the composition of later Grecian hymns and the psalms of the Hebrew Bible.