The Father of Dinosaur-Mania

Baron Franz Nopcsa von Felső-Szilvás (1877-1933) was a self-taught aristocrat considered to be the father of paleobiology. After his sister found a dinosaur skull in the backyard of their estate in Transylvania he started obsessively studying paleontology from his library.

A Man Named Sandwich

The humble sandwich gets its name from the English 4th Earl of Sandwich, a man known for his obsessive gambling.

The soldier who defeated 72 men

Australian-born Dominic McCarthy (1892-1975) almost did not become a soldier. He had lost 3 fingers on his hand and was thought to be unfit for combat. Nevertheless, when the First World War started, he showed the Australian Imperial Force that he had won several shooting competitions. So in 1914, the soon-to-be-legendary McCarthy joined the Australian Army.

The World’s deepest hole

In the early 1970s, the Soviet Union had quite an unusual project in the Pechensky District, approximately 1000 kilometers / 670 miles North of St. Petersburg. They wanted to find out more about the Earth and decided to start a borehole which was supposed to be 15 kilometers (9.3mi) deep.