Inventor Behind the Scenes

Born in England in 1770, Sarah Guppy was a mother of six children and an inventor. Among her inventions are caulking that made ships more seaworthy, a kitchen fire hood, a bed that transformed into a home gym, and a design for piling foundation that led to the creation of the suspension bridge.

The Sophistication of Cannibalism

While Europeans were condemning the “barbarians” in the New World of atrocious acts of cannibalism, they themselves were ingesting human flesh, organs, and bodily fluids in the name of medicine.

I Swear by my Knee

First coming into use in the 1590s, the word “genuine” means authentic or sincere. Some etymologists hypothesize the word comes from the Latin “genu,” meaning knee.

The Miracle Material

Now used in a diverse array of products including body armor, car tires, boots for firefighters, hockey sticks, cut-resistant gloves, fiber-optic cables, fire-resistant mattresses, canoes, and fire performance props; Kevlar was invented in 1965 by Stephanie L. Kwolek (1923-2014).