The man who built a road through a mountain

In 1960, Dashrath Manjhi (1934-2007) had a regular life in a small, but remote village in India. One day, his wife injured herself and died because she didn’t get medical attention fast enough, because there was no quick way to the next large village.

The drunk guy who couldn’t be killed

Michael Malloy (1873-1933) was a homeless Irishman who lived in New York City. He was also an alcoholic and therefore a frequent guest in many (at this time illegal) bars all over the city. One of those bars was owned by Tony Marino, who eventually got to know Malloy. Behind Malloys back, Marino and 4 of his friends created an …

The Candy Bomber

In 1945 after Germany had lost World War 2, East Germany was being controlled by the Soviet Union. Well, not ALL of East Germany. There was still Berlin, which partially was controlled by the West (US, Great Britain and France). The Soviets didn’t like this one bit and tried to blockade West Berlin in 1948. From then on, it was …

How a 1700 year old palace is still being used today

The city of Split, Croatia hosts one of the most interesting Roman buildings: The Diocletian Palace was built by Roman emperor Diocletian (c.244-311) in 305 as a retirement home. Although it is called a palace, it used to be a heavily fortified military compound with half of it being used to house military personnel and the other half for Diocletian.