Jane Digby: Lover of Kings, Sheiks and Generals

Jane Digby (1807– 1881) was an English lady who lived a life straight out of a romantic novel. In her day, she was famous for being the wife and mistress of some of the most influential men of her time.

Wittgenstein: War hero and World-class philosopher

Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951) was a Austrian-British man who became one of the most important philosophers of recent times. He was born into an extremely wealthy family, but still went to fight for Austria-Hungary during World War 1.

The Hollyweed sign

In 1976, the famous Hollywood sign in California, US was altered by college student Danny Finewood and his friends to read Hollyweed. The reason for this that Californian law just softened the laws on the use of marihuana and -of course- just because they could.

How soldiers kept awake in World War 2

The effects of Methamphetamin (more commonly known as Crystal Meth) are well known to people today. What is not so well known is that soldiers in World War 2 were actually given meth to keep awake during battle.