The Black Credit Card: From rumor to reality

For many years in the early 1980s and 1990s, there was a rumor in North America about a black credit card. The card was supposedly only given to the super-wealthy and had several great benefits.

The Steer Wrestler who made John Wayne a cowboy

Enos Edward Canutt (called Yakima) was born near Colfax, Washington, USA in 1895. At age 11 he broke in his first wild bronco and several years later he was already a sensation at rodeos all over the country. During World War 1, he broke in broncos for the French army. After the war, he got invited to Hollywood and started …

Billboard and the Circus

Now a staple of the music industry, Billboard magazine has a long and fascinating history. Beginning in 1884 in Cincinnati as a trade paper for traveling bill posters, Billboard quickly developed ties to the performance industry and soon became a paper for travelling circuses and street performers.