The deadliest missile accident

In 1960, the exploration of space was still in its infancy. Several years earlier the Soviet Union had launched the first satellite into space. The USA was very eager to catch up, which is why the Soviets were putting themselves under extreme pressure to keep their head start.


Many historians believe that it was partially an influx of rats that led to the deforestation of Rapa Nui, the island often known as Easter Island. Transported by early Polynesian voyagers, the rats quickly multiplied on the small island.

The most traveled man of the Middle Ages

Odoric of Poderone (1286-1331) was a Franciscan friar and missionary explorer. Born and raised in Porderone (Modern day Italy) he went to the Balkans as a missionary in 1296.

The White City

The Chicago World’s Fair of 1893, also called The White City because each building was painted white, showcased many new and exciting inventions. Towering over the fair was one of these inventions: The Ferris Wheel.