The Cat Phone

For more evidence that scientific researchers are not only brilliant, but also insane, we turn to the cat-phone. In 1929 a pair of Princeton researchers, Ernest Wever and Charles Bray, hooked a live cat up to a telephone (after removing part of its skull and scooping out a good portion of its brain).

From Ukrainian Slave to Royalty

No one knows her real name, yet she came to have a profound influence on the Ottoman Empire. Known as Haseki Hurrem Sultan (Sultan’s Chief Consort) or Roxolena (a reference to her heritage), she was captured in the 1500’s in a raid and was eventually chosen for the Sultan’s harem where she quickly became his favorite, causing jealousy among the …

Winning the Baby Lottery

In 1911 an orphanage in Paris hosted a raffle to raise money for various charitable organizations. After getting the okay from authorities, they announced the prizes: live babies.

The Ambidextrous Genius

Born in 1452, Leonardo da Vinci, the famed painter, scientist, and inventor was ambidextrous and could not only write backwards, but could also write backwards with one hand and forwards with the other at the same time.