Precalculus in Ancient Babylon

Ancient Babylonians are known by historians for being brilliant astronomers and mathematicians. So archaeologists were not surprised when a recent discovery revealed that the Babylonians were using advanced mathematical techniques to predict the movements of Jupiter. The geometry based calculations were a precursor to calculus and were not thought to have been used until 14th century Europe. We are not responsible …

Kepler’s Mother, the Witch

In 1620 the famed astronomer Johannes Kepler put his research on hold, packed up his family, and moved from Austria to Germany to come to the aid of his 68-year-old mother.

When You Give Yourself Lemons

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” The first known instance of this common idiom was found in Reader’s Digest in 1927 in the form of Elbert Hubbard’s phrase, “A genius is a man who takes the lemons that fate hands him and starts a lemonade stand with them.”

The Famous Clara

Born in 1738, Clara was destined for success. Before her death at the age of 20 she would tour Europe and be featured in paintings and on posters and medallions.