When the Dutch ate their prime minister

To understand the events that led ordinary Dutch citizens to partake in cannibalism, it is important to understand that it was during a period of unrest in not only the Netherlands, but also much of Europe. Both England and the Netherlands were making the gradual shift from monarchies to a more democratic means of selecting rulers.

Heron of Alexandria

Heron of Alexandria was a Greek mathematician, engineer, scientist, and inventor born in 20 A.D. Among his inventions was the first steam engine, the vending machine, a water organ, theatrical sound effects, and the odometer. He also designed mechanical toys and wrote books on subjects ranging from geometry to mechanics. Known for his work in geometry, he even has a …

Rabbit Attack

Napoleon Bonaparte is famous for his great victories on the battlefield. Napoleon is not well known for his retreat in the face of a thousand furry rabbits.

The White Mouse

Nancy Wake lived a life worthy of an action film. After falling in love with the Parisian nightlife, she moved to France, began working as a freelance journalist, and got married.