The pope and coffee

The origins of coffee are in Ethiopia around the 10th century. It then spread to the Middle East and then reached Europe in the 1500s, where it was considered a drink of the “infidels or heathens”.

The first flying man

The first man known to have flown was a Chinese prisoner in the year 559. The Emperor Wenxuan of the Northern Qi had a man named Yuan Huangtou imprisoned.

The birthday cake

Several hundreds years BC, the Persians already had a tradition of celebrating peoples birthdays with a larger plate of food. The roots of the birthday cake are not fully explained.

Tutankhamun: Unhealthy pharao

Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun  (ca. 1341BC- 1323BC) is one of the most famous people in history, mostly due to the discovery of his tomb in 1922. It was virtually untouched and besides Tutankhamun’s mummified body, many artifacts and everyday items of ancient Egyptian life were found.