The Oldest Encyclopedia

In 1403 the Yongle Emperor of the Ming Dynasty decided to have a vast encyclopedia created composed of all the knowledge the Chinese had at the time. Called the Yongle Encyclopedia, the collection is comprised of over 11,000 volumes on science, medicine, technology, religion, art, geography, and astronomy.

Louis Armstrong’s Lips

Louis Armstrong, famed trumpeter of the American Jazz Age, suffered from callouses on his lips. These callouses, similar to the callouses guitarists get on the fingers, are common among trumpet players; however, Armstrong’s solution to them was not. Every four or five years he would cut the callouses off with a razor blade and then spend the next several months …

When Maurya met Alexander the Great

Chandragupta Maurya (340BCE-297BCE) was the founder of the legendary Maurya empire, a predecessor of India. As a young man Maurya had the priviledge to meet Alexander the Great, who himself created one of the largest empires the World had ever seen.