Erased from History: From Romans to Soviets

In Roman times, a punishment worse than execution was that of being forgotten. A disgraced individual would be stricken from the records and any coins or pottery with their depiction would be destroyed.

The 450 year old Robot Monk

The Robot Monk

Visitors to the Smithsonian Museum can view King Philip the Second’s promise to God – in robot form. Faced with the imminent death of his son, the King of Spain promised God a tribute if his son became well again.

Pigs in Battle

Just as there have been war horses and war elephants, it is believed that pigs were used briefly on the battlefield, although in a far less awe-inspiring manner. Around 275 BC the Romans used squealing pigs to repel the war elephants of the enemy.

The man who survived 2 atomic bombs

Tsutomu Yamaguchi was in Hiroshima in 1945 when the United States dropped an atomic bomb less than 2 miles from him. Seriously injured, Yamaguchi made his way through the destroyed city and home to Nagasaki.