The man who faked his death and failed

In December of 1974, Australian police forces were set to arrest Lord Lucan, a British Earl suspected of the murder of his wife’s nanny and the attempted murder of his wife.

Watching the King Eat

In 17th century France many complicated royal traditions developed. One of these traditions was known as the Grand Couvert and featured royal meal times as an exhibition to the public.

The 61 year old farmer who ran a 544 mile race

Albert Ernest Clifford “Cliff” Young (1922-2003) was an Australian potato farmer. On his 2000 acre farm, there were also hundreds of sheep, which he would catch and round up on foot, sometimes running for many hours in the process.

Native American Talking Stick

In some Native American tribes, the use of talking sticks is hundreds of years old. The method is simple: A wooden stick is used in a discussion to enable only the holder to speak and everyone else to listen.