The Berners Street Hoax

Widely attributed to Theodore Hook, an English composer famous for his practical jokes, the Berners Street Hoax created a memorable ruckus in the streets of England.

The ear that started a war

When Englishman Captain Robert Jenkins got his ear cut off in 1731 by Spanish sailors, he never imagined it would start a war.

The Cameleopard

When Julius Caesar returned to Rome from a campaign in 48 B.C. through Asia Minor and Egypt, he was followed by a menagerie of strange and wonderful creatures.

Where tattoos come from

French Polynesia has a long history of tattooing. Tahitians trace the art of tattooing all the way back to Tohu, the god who designed and colored the fishes of the sea. The art of tattooing was brought to Europe by explorers in the mid 1700’s. From there it began its quick ascent into popularity and taboo. We are not responsible …