Viking longship prows

Viking longships were known for their elaborately carved wooden prows, often of dragons or serpents. What isn’t so commonly known is they were intended to intimidate evil sea spirits or those inhabiting the shores of the lands they invaded. On returning from a raid, the removeable headpieces would be stowed so as to not frighten the friendly spirits of home. …

The Secret Language of the Andes

Spoken in the Bolivian Andes, Machaj Juyai is a secret language used by traditional healers known as the Kallawaya to pass healing secrets down to their sons.

The first piano

Around 1700, an Italian instrument builder by the name of Bartolomeo Cristofori (1655-1731) invented an instrument and called it Arpicembalo. It would become arguably the most important instrument of modern times.

The Maginot Line

After the incessant, incremental butchery of the First World War’s trench warfare, France decided to build a long line of interconnected concrete forts and bunkers along the German border called the Maginot Line, to prevent such annihilation from ever happening again. Alas, war with Germany did return in 1939, but the now highly mobile Wehrmacht, with its modern tanks, planes …